Villa Cube

This villa was design of our International team Architects and interior designers. They offer us both the avant-garde architecture and the interior design, in a unique studio to perfectly understand the requirements of our clients.

The main idea of this project is the reflection of two world’s leading cultural philosophies, that of the East and the West’s. The fluidity and spirituality of the Eastern influences, combined with the solid structures of the West, establish a symbiosis in the building and influence a viewer’s experience of the space Cube villa is a modern villa of functionality, flexibility, and simple cubic shapes. ́
They are working on a new line of villas of stable form and flexible function, mixed with timeless design. Cube villa is a modern of functionality reflected in the interchangeable interior, flexibility, and simple cubic shapes intertwined with the luxurious essence of Fielitz GmbH ‘s custom pannels, lace-like shades, and sophisticated artworks of Entropy Collection. Panels of parametric perforation design have been installed, enabling the lights to enter the project making lace-like shadows, therefore influencing the creation of a special atmosphere.
They collaborated with Covet Group and COLECCION ALEXANDRA, adorning the rooms with their furniture pieces of prime aesthetics. Just by taking a peek into the living room, we can see the mastery of the space.
The interior is in no way inferior, it exudes a luxurious lounge character and displays German quality materials. It accentuates airiness, bright colors, atmosphere, and comfort – the basic features of luxury architecture.

If you like the avant-garde design, we have more plots in many luxury locations to build it.

See LOCATIONS in “DEVELOPMENTS” area in our website.

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