New technologies are further uniting and grouping «Tribes» or “Niches” of people with the same interests. To them, the minimal differences in properties currently on the market are unsatisfactory. They seek developments that cater to their needs. This has allowed a new sort of competitor to enter the real estate market, a developer who seeks to bend the rules and add a fresh and exclusive flair to the world of property development. With a growing demand for unique living spaces, this new era of design and architecture is flourishing alongside technological advances which allow for quick and efficient business transactions without complicating or limiting the creative freedom of a development project.

The origin of such “Disruptive” differentiation, not only allows for innovative products but is also based on a business model which establishes a new way of delivering Added Value to a property. Additionally this creates a shift in the present outlook, prioritising Growth over Profitability as well as moving the primary focus of property development away from a purely capitalist vision and creating a new purpose: emotional satisfaction. We are moving away from the more traditional ways of the past into a new era of Extreme Scalability.

The SANDE LIVING´s core values are Disruptive Architecture, Long-term Support for Clients,  Unique Disruptive Projects and Sustainability.



What we do and How we do it


To us it is important to always stay one step ahead to allow us to help our customers and deliver appropriate solutions to the changes generated at every moment.


Knowing what different objective niche social groups want and need gives us the tools to develop solutions. The SANDE LIVING international experience has been essential in providing unique projects for both our clients & investors.


We determine our goals in advance and establish what we need to do to achieve them. How, when and in what order every step should be done is part of our philosophy in the work we carry out.


Our international architects are carefully chosen to offer added value to an already differentiating project, thus generating greater security for final clients and greater profitability for investors.


Using talent, materials, technology, global standards and both national & international knowledge, we endorse & guarantee our solid experience in impeccable & unbeatable projects.


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