Intenational Building

This building was design of our International team Architects and interior designers. They offer us both the avant-garde architecture and the interior design, in a unique studio to perfectly understand the requirements of our clients.

Building International is a revolutionary idea, connecting the spirit of environment Mediterranean nature and strong constructions of the West into a mutualistic symbiosis. It is the epitome of known and unknown, excitement and comfort, East and the West.

Building International in sleek German style – Although clean structures may look simple, the geometric forms and exposed materials create an unexpectedly compelling experience for the viewer. The solidity of this building is displayed through different elements, such as terraces and pools giving definition to the space. You can just feel the warm air of the Mediterranean atmosphere and the complete state of relaxation. Being surrounded by luxurious materials from all over Europe and soaking in the spiritual nature of Mediterranean Sea, you will find yourself in Building International.

By making an inversion in urbanism we create a narrative that allows the architecture of the building to dictate urbanistic conditions. Rhythm, symmetry, and hierarchy are established by forming the relationship of open and closed space.

Open spaces in buildings have become the main points of socialization as going out has been under restrictions in the past year. The building is flexible and modular, allowing us to adapt to all and any circumstances.

According to the architect, Architecture should blend in with its surroundings, creating harmony, the peace of nature remaining undisturbed.

The incredible interior design idea is decorate every apartment with different cultures lifestyle to achieve identifying each client with their cultures.

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